September 16th, 2007

Daniel Negreanu becoming a Canadian Bad Boy of Poker? Well just on Poker Stars and on his Full Contact forum. What a tough guy. daniel negreanu

Daniel has been dipping into the high stakes cash games on PokerStars. So far he hasn’t been to impressed with the level of competition. Well, read for yourself what KidPoker had to say: here are some Negreanu’s posts from Full Contact Poker

Not saying this to be mean at all, but are you serious??? I felt like he was one of the weakest heads up players I’ve ever faced and don’t see how he could ever beat a good player heads up. I’m starting to wonder how good all of these online superstars really are because the ones that seem to be touted as excellent, play in such a way that I find easily exploitable.

I’m sitting, waiting for whoever, but my confidence is growing after playing some of these guys and leaving thoroughly unimpressed overall.

And here is another post, keep in mind that he has only been playing the 100/200 NL for a few days on Stars now.

There is a lot of hype surrounding the online players and I think I may have bought into it a little bit myself. A lot of them are excellent players I’m sure, but I genuinely believe after talking to several, and playing with them from time to time, that there is stuff I know that most of them don’t.

Compared to playing live poker, I absolutely suck online. Having said that, I believe I’d easily be a winning online player playing 100-200 NL. My “horrible” online play is still better than most, especially heads up.

Oh and Bob? My worst game is NOT limit hold’em! Are you insane? Just because you used to call me down with Ace hi and win all the time doesn’t mean I suck. I lost to Patrick in a realitively small sample playing limit hold’em because A) he was very good, he was more comfortable online, and C) He ran insanely lucky!

I’ve never lost money online playing NLH. Actually, the only real money I’ve lost online has been in PLO and limit hold’em vs a great player in Patrick Antonius. This 100-200 NL game, from what I’ve seen, isn’t very tough at all.

As for my perception of ADZ, I played 250 hands vs him and his strategy heads up vs me was horrendous. Maybe he is good and doesn’t match up well with me, or maybe he was “feeling me out,” but either way, if he plays that way against on a regular basis without completely changing his approach he has no chance whatsoever.

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in September 19th, 2007 at 12:02 am

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