September 29th, 2007

Matt Giannetti just finished up a prop bet where he had to stay in Sean Mccabea pool for 12 hours. During the last few minutes of the bet Sean McCabe and Mark Seif were creating a new prop bet that would be a lot more difficult. The bet is that Sean McCabe could stay shoulder deep in the Atlantic Ocean for 24 hours without food. Now think of this, cold water, waves, sharks, and salt in the mouth for 24 hours straight!

It took some battling to get both McCabe and Seif to agree on a $100k. At first Seif only wanted to bet $50k, but McCabe insisted that he would only attempt this crazy prop bet for a minimum of $100k. With both guys being sick degenerates they finally agreed on $100k.

With no other knowledge, one would assume that Seif has a huge edge in this bet. The missing information which favors McCabe is that, he is a certified rescue diver and his experience of putting long hours in playing live tournament poker, this will certainly help him deal with the boredom he will endure.

There are 3 main conditions in this prop bet, Sean McCabe has to enter the water no later then 2:00pm. Seif felt this was the optimal time for harsh conditions. McCabe must stand in shoulder deep water the entire 24 hours. McCabe is only allowed to drink cold fresh water, which will be brought to him on his request. A doctor will be on hand to protect the safety of McCabe. He will use his own discretion on his safety, if he gets pulled out for any medical reason he will lose the bet.

As if this bet was not crazy enough as it stood, these two decided to spice it up even further. Seif has been given the option to alter the state of the Ocean if he gives 2 to 1 odds. This could be a big advantage to Seif, as you’d expect if he exercised this option he would chum the ocean with blood and fish guts in an attempt to attract Sharks and other sea monsters.The WPT and Cardplayer will provide live updates on the bet. Click here to visit WPT for more updates and details about this bet.


WPT reported BJ Nemeth just recently spoke to Sean McCabe and it looks like the bet may have sunk. Mark Seif and the other people involved are having 2nd thoughts about placing the bet. According to McCabe its not about the money, its about the safety of himself and no one wanted to feel responsible if McCabe got hurt.

McCabe is still trying to keep the bet alive, he is looking for anyone or a group to put up a total of $100k for 1-1 odds.

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Jake101 said,
in September 30th, 2007 at 6:13 am

Phil Hellmuth and Huck Seed once had a very similar bet like this one. Hellmuth bet $50k that Seed couldn’t stand waist-deep in the ocean for 18 hours. Seed pulled the chute and gave up after only three hours.

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