November 7th, 2007

The last few episodes of High Stakes Poker season 4 on GSN; features some of the biggest high limit players in the world. The game has a required straddle and a min-buy-in of $500,000. According to Doyle, the only person in the game not playing above his bankroll is some fruity French guy Guy Laliberte. Guy is the founder and owner of Cirque Du Soleil.

The latest episode on high stakes poker shows Doyle Brunson getting bluffed by the man that wants to be the worlds biggest bluffer aka Jamie Gold. Note: Each played started the hand with around $500,000 and blinds are $300-$600-$1200 with a $100 ante.

Here is the hand summary:

Gold is UTG+1, calls $1200 with

97 Brunson right to his left calls,

108 Esfandiari calls,

Q8 Farha calls $900 out of the SB with

96 Benyamine calls $600 from the BB with

A3 Antonius checks with




4x checked to Brunson, who bets $6k into the $8k pot with
Everyone folds to Gold who calls with



Gold checks
Brunson bets $25k into the $20k pot.

Gold raises by $100k to $125k.
Brunson asks: “Are you gonna show it to me, if i throw it away?”

Could Doyle Brunson really have thought Jamie had the queen high flush? The jack high flush most likely is not plausible, knowing how Jamie plays, he would definitely bet his pair and flush draw on the flop. So I guess Doyle figured “the worlds great bluffer” really had the nuts this time and folded his 3rd nut flush.

Here is what Barry Greenstein had to say about the hand: After the flush hand with Doyle and Jamie, Dolye leaned over and asked me what I thought Jamie had. I told him I thought Jamie had an Ace high straight. When Doyle told me he could beat that, I told him I wouldn’t have folded. Doyle said, “I know by the way Jamie was acting that he thought he had the nuts, but I hope he didn’t misjudge his own strength.” Later when Jamie tells Doyle what he had, Doyle gets steamed up and costs me money with a play he wouldn’t ordinarily make.

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