May 28th, 2008

While browsing the 2+2 forums I came across a thread which mentioned something about Hevad Khan getting into a fight. I was busy at the time and later returned to 2+2 and could not find the post anywhere. Apparently it  had been deleted, which I discovered after stumbling across this thead on the Poker Prop forums.

The person in this video is obviously not PokerStars’ sponsored Hevad Khan, but it looked enough like him in made for a good gag post. Apparently a mod at 2+2 did not find the humor.

Jim pointed out that this could potentially be a FAUX news hoax because the guy who gets the best beating (watch 1:17 mark in the video a few times) certainly resembles Sam Farha.

If by some slim chance this was RaINkAhn; players should probably take his next rabid howler monkey dance at the poker table a bit more seriously.

May 28th, 2008

We usually do our best to add some humor and controversy to poker news or to find a way to relate hot babes to poker happenings, but today there is no funny way which we can spin this story.

In a move that has outraged much of the online poker community, Cliff Josephy, better known online as JohnnyBax has signed to endorse Ultimate Bet, and we all know ULTIMATE BET CHEATS!

This is a sad day for poker as JohnnyBax truly “was” one of the most looked up to and respected players in the online poker industry. He was often ranked the number one online player in the world and “had” a following to the likes of which online poker might never see again.

I wish I somehow had it in me to crack jokes about how they must of offered him a superuser account, but honestly I don’t. This is a sad day for poker.

A 2+2 thread to tell JohnnyBax what a scumbag move this is.

JohnnyBax is a sellout!

May 14th, 2008

layla kayleighOn Monday it was rumored that Layla Kaleigh may not be with World Poker Tour for a new season. This rumor was confirmed by the WPT in a press release and by Layla on her Myspace blog. The feisty Britt claims that she was asked back to do another season but opted out for personal reasons.

More from Kayleigh:

“Also you should know that as much fun as I had on season 6 of the World Poker Tour, I will not be returning for a 2nd season.

WPT were kind enough to ask me back for a 2nd season, however after much thought and deliberation I decided that I really want to minimize traveling in my schedule this year, focus more on my health and personal relationships, and they were very understanding to where I was coming from.

Might I add, that I had the most adventurous time on the road, learned so much about life and poker! and most importantly gained the most amazing friendship with my dear friend Kim Lansing (who I really hope lands the hosting position for Season 7)”

Well just like everyone else we’re also cheering for Kimberly Lansing who is a huge fan favorite on BIP. Currently, Lansing handles all the WPT online interviews and update reports.

As for Layla Kayleigh she joins the list of Sabina Gadecki, Courtney Friel, and Shanna Hiatt as previous World Poker Tour chicks.

May 14th, 2008

The innovative high stakes poker cash game may have dealt its last hand in season 4. High Stakes Poker has not filmed a new season for 2008, which in previous years they already had filming done by May. Pokerati reports that there are most likely no plans to do a new season.

Here is what AJ Benza had to say about it:

Far as Gabe and I know….the show isnt coming back. Apparently…the network is going to go in a different direction and that aint good news for our show, especially since we skew a higher-aged audiuence. Never mind that we’re the network’s No. 1 show. Still and all, no one calls us from the network to say squat. Only Kevin Bellincoff checks in periodically, but it just don’t seem like good news. If you ask me…they’re treating us like shit. All we ever did was make them a bunch of money.

It will be interesting to get the official story from GSN. Who would have ever thought it would be a smart business move for any network to discontinue their highest rated show. Not that its saying much, there is only so many hours of Lingo one person can watch.