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brandi hawbaker
brandi hawbaker

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brandi hawbaker brandi hawbaker
brandi hawbaker rose
brandi hawbaker brandi rose
brandi hawbaker

Brandi Hawbaker - Poker Babe / Stripper

On 13 April 2008, Brandi took her own life. She was just 25 years old. Our hearts go out to her family and friends. For the sake of archive, we'll be leaving our entry on Brandy on the site.

Birthday: Not sure exactly when but it looks like Brandi was born in 1980 to 1982
Birth Place: We are quite certain she was born in Nashville, TN, USA
Raised in: This is one we are 100% positive, she was raised in Nashville.
Resides in: Las Vegas Nevada
Marital Status: It's rumored that she might be dating or just sleeping with Carlos Mortenson.
Where have I see her? There is a lot of talk about Brandi Hawbaker. She is one of the most talked about female poker players all over the internet. From forum to forum, you will find some sort of thread about Brandi Hawbaker.

Measurements: No information about her measurements yet.
Height: nope

News: Brandi is back with more ubsurd lies. Enjoy the video below.

This chick is absolutely crazy. She has definitely made a name for herself in the poker community. It's very uncommon to go to a forum and not find a thread about Brandi. She also has 2 names and quite possibly 2 personalities. She will go by Brandi Hawbaker or Brandi Rose. So I bet she will just start calling herself Brandi Mortenson, because she is so obsessed with him.

Brandi has recently placed in two WPT events in 2006. She made over $30,000 in them. There is so much controversy and rumors surrounding this poker babe. There is no point even getting into them on this site, because they are so dumb.

Here are so images below that show the true wildness of Brandi Hawbaker.

brandi hawbaker tits


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