October 23rd, 2007

If you haven’t read the intense stories about Bryan Micon getting rolled for 12k we recommend you start reading this article, Give me $12k, and I’ll give you $100k tomorrow then read Bryan Micon Gets $2.5k Back and finally read The Micon and Justin Smith Story Heating Up.

After all of those you should be caught up with the brilliant scam Justin Smith pulled on Bryan Micon, or you could just watch the video that Raw Vegas has put online. The Toke sits down with Bryan and interviews him about how he got rolled and how Bryan turned on “fuck you machine.”

Here is the link to watch the video Raw Vegas The Toke with Bryan Micon

September 30th, 2007

justin smithOther people are getting dragged into this controversy, after Justin brilliantly scammed Micon for $12k. If you haven’t read the story please visit our condensed version, Of “Give me 12k, and I’ll give you 100k tomorrow

Justin has been in contact with Justin’s “bizmanager”. We still have no idea, if this is Justin pretending to be someone else. Anyways, here is what has happened in the last couple days. You can find complete posts and more details at Neverwinpoker.com

  • Justin is very upset and starts threating to sue Bryan Micon and “crash” NWP, because of certain members posts on NWP. Probably, the Fake wanted FBI page and most likely the fake youtube video that claims that Justin Smith is a pedophile.
  • Information of Justin and his where abouts keep coming up on NWP’s forum. His addresses, court records, parents names and even his ID has been posted online. Justin is continues to threaten Micon saying if his Dad gets brought in, “will be the end of you bro, you dont even know.”
  • Thursday evening an anonymous person drops off an envelope at 2am at Melissa’s house. Some Vegas hoochie that could potentially be a transsexual with dish plate nipples. At this point she might be connected with Justin in some way.
  • The potential transsexual writes a post on her MySpace saying that she is innocent and Justin owes her a lot more money then 9.5k.
  • Some Patricia and Michael guy get dragged into the mix of things and this is when BizManager blows up on NWP
  • He starts trying to be witty and saying that “You are just as much a liar as anyone else that you’ve blamed on this board. You know that Patsy Arton & Erik Michael are innocents.” Apparently, Micon had promised that when BizManager handed $1500 in cash to Micon that he would take down info about Patrica(Patsy) and Michael. Micon posts that he was going to think about it at the time.
  • Then a few posts later he says he just spoke with Detective Madrid from Las Vegas Metropolitan Police indicating that Bryan Micon has committed several criminal acts that include, conspiracy, indemnity theft, defamation of character, and fraudulent accusation of sexual molestation.
  • Sunday September 30th. Members have plans to post pictures of Justin’s parents house after finding the address. But it turns out that its Justin’s grand parents and supposedly a member talked to his Grandmother. She said that Justin is in LA right now and he called her yesterday. She also wasn’t surprised that Justin is in trouble, “it’s cost us a lot of money …. it’s cost his father a lot of money ….he’s been in a lot of trouble over the years …… nothing more we can do about him…..

Thats it for now, read complete details and posts at NeverwinPoker.com

September 29th, 2007

vanessa roussoBryan Micon and the brilliant con-artist Justin Smith issue is coming to some sort of conclusion. Micon, posted that he received $1.5k from Smith’s business manager, after they met at the Bellagio. Micon has got back $2.5k and $9.5k left to go. According to Smith’s manager there are some final procedures and tying up loose things in Hawaii right now. Micon let us know at Neverwinpoker.com that apparently Justin is guaranteed some baller sized inheritance very soon. Now, we are just left wondering if Micon is going to get his $90k interest he was promised….

If you haven’t read the full story visit Bryan Micon Gets Rolled for $12k

“It’s rumored that the UIGEA poker regulations will be coming out within the next 7 days and according to the Poker Players Alliance, it could come out as early as tomorrow.

The rules have been approved by the US government office, which government office, we don’t have a clue. We are just regurgitating news that we really don’t understand. The new regulations and rules will be published straight to the Federal Register. From there a commencing period will take place and industry experts will be reviewing the new regulations in a 60 to 90 day period. For more please visit CompatiblePoker.com

Tom Schneider has put up a great article on his site Pokerati.com about how, The Poker Industry Continues to Disappointment me. He rants about how bad behavior, poor sportsmanship and people acting like weirdos is tolerated and a crowd-pleaser in the poker industry.

“Norway may ban online poker according to PokerListings.com, Trond Giske, some guy in charge of something in Norway, has made it repeatedly clear that he is against online gambling. Currently, under Norwegian law online gambling is illegal. If Giske put in new legislation it would enforce the existing laws by banning transactions between banks and poker sites. Read more by visit Pokerlistings.com

September 29th, 2007

bryan micon

As you’ve probably already heard, Bryan Micon was scammed in one of the most elaborate, detailed schemes in history. While we could probably end the article right there and you would be sufficiently entertained, here is a brief timeline to the incident(s).

August 21-25: Micon hangs out with a reported Justin Smith at the Red Rock Casino in Vegas, along with O-town bad boy Erik Estrada. Smith proceeds to put on the “big shot” act, dropping cash and generally trying to impress. He shows Micon his Escalade, and he buys into every little bit of his stories. Smith comes across as a true baller, and no one around seems to be disputing it.

August 27: Smith feeds Micon with some bullshit story of how he’s waiting for money to be wired to him, and asks to borrow $5,000 with promises to pay back $20,000 within 24 hours. Micon can’t get his wallet out fast enough, figuring this is a foolproof way to make a quick buck. They go out, throw around the “borrowed” money at strippers and bartenders, and basically make Micon feel like he has a friend. They even have a sleepover.

August 28: Justin calls Micon, explaining that he’s having difficulties with his bank wire and needs a few more bucks. This time, he asks for $7,000 and promises a cool $100K in return (also within 24 hours). Now I know what you’re thinking, and that’s the fact that the first 24 hours is almost up. I guess Micon figures the $100K is good enough, and disregards the first $20,000 he was promised. Not only does Micon lend the $7,000, he borrows money from a friend to lend to Smith. We’re not even sure how to make fun of this, the story is dumb enough as it is.

August 29: Justin takes one more kick at the can, and says he needs $10,000 more, and in exchange, promises a return of $1,000,000 to Micon. The light of knowledge proceeds to shine itself upon Micon, and he realizes that there is a chance he could be getting scammed. Good thing he’s a quick one, or he’d still be handing out wads. Panicking, Micon records a meeting of Smith apparently begging for more money, and Micon tells him that maybe he can get it for him.

August 30-September 22: Smith tells Micon how he knows Paris Hilton, and they can go to her BBQ. A whole bunch of other bullshit is spewed, and Micon’s skepticism finally makes an appearance.

September 25: Apparently Micon has re-acquired $1,000 of his money, as he was sent it via Moneygram from Justin’s “Business Manager”.

Oh well, let’s all hope he just chalks this up to an $11,000 hard lesson. I’m not sure what else you can call it……

To hear this from the horse’s mouth, visit Neverwinpoker.com