April 20th, 2008

Shortly after being outclassed by young Scandinavian poker players Daniel Negreanu agreed to do an interview for Siktilt.com. This interview resulted with Daniel turning violent, after the reporter failed to give him the “Phil Hellmuth”. This treatment is actually a theory that suggests all reporters should treat former young poker prodigies with respect even after they’ve passed there prime and even though they no longer win many tournaments.

Anyways, here is the video:

We have to say to Siktilt, next time you guys do a stunt like this run it by us first. Perhaps we can help you make it more believable. For example: that “Doyle Brunson told me you were a fucking asshole” was classic, but that should have come before the push. Then considering the reporter was much bigger, and most likely much tougher, than DN you guys should have had someone there to break up a fight. Other than that this was some great entertainment.

We can’t help but wonder the purpose for Negreanu doing such stunts. Yeah we can see PokerStars.com might like the idea in order to push the new PokerStars.tv website but why would DN want to risk people thinking he actually is an asshole? Perhaps DN would rather be known as an asshole then as gay? The woman in the hotel room bed hardly went noticed, so now DN has to resort to pushing reporters in pools and talking about beating up woman. I guess that works?

We get the feeling this is a classic WWE like face to heel turn. Perhaps the 2008 WSOP event will end with Daniel smashing the champion over the head with a guitar and walking off with the gold bracelet. Lets just hope a good guy wins the event because DN is not ready yet for a Heel vs Heel battle until he destroys a few good guys first.

In whatever case, thanks for feeding us degenerates shit to report on.

April 14th, 2008

Popular online poker player Daniel Negreanu has made poker headlines once again for his late night / early morning sleep deprived poker ramblings. He recently made an entry on his poker blog tilted, eating brains. This post was more creepy than the usual “I might be gay” DN entry, as it also included the following statement:

“I’m in that killer mindset, like I literally want to eat people’s brains. Just literally rip their brains to shreds after an appetizer of ripping their hearts out of their chests, taking a big bite out of them, and then spitting the blood back in their faces.”

Could Daniel Negreanu possibility be a member of the Zombie Group that George Bush has been warning about? Watch the video below and decide for yourself.

November 23rd, 2007

daniel negreanuOn November 20, Daniel Negreanu posted on his regular blog on fullcontactpoker.com. While this usually wouldn’t be newsworthy, his closing statements may leave you scratching your head. Below are excerpts from this blog, which you can read in its entirety by clicking here

In the first questionable part of Daniel’s blog, he posts a transcript of an exchange between himself and a waiter at a steakhouse at the Palms, with Negreanu attempting to order a festive beverage.

“Got Heineken Light?”
“I’ll just take a Heineken then.”
“No Heineken either, but we have a beer that tastes kind of like Heineken?”
“Forget, what else you got, how about a Corona?”
“No we have random beer #1, we have Bass, Amstel Light, etc.”
“So you have no beer I want, how about a glass of wine. You have Santa Margherita Pinot Grigio?”
“No, sorry.”

Where to begin……

Ok, first off, we have Daniel starting off asking for a light beer, which could be forgiven…..had he just left the Betty Ford Center. This is not to mention that his second and third choice of brew are Dutch and Mexican, respectively. The man is Canadian, and Canadian men love their beer. Why is he asking for imported beer?? At least ask for something from Molson or Labatt (No, Canadian beer is NOT deemed imported, regardless of the sign above it at the beer store). THEN…..when he can’t find something suitable for himself on the beer front, he asks about fucking wine! You’re at a steakhouse man. If none of the beers sound appealing, tell the waiter to surprise you with one. A crappy beer is far more manly than even the classiest wine. This is reminiscent of that high maintenance girlfriend who bitches at the waiter because he forgot the pineapple garnish on her strawberry daiquiri. Just drink it, shut up and eat your steak, which better not be fucking well done (I guarantee he isn’t eating a well done steak, more on that later). These are not the first seeds of doubt that Daniel has planted about his manliness, but this might be the first sign of a plant growing from said seeds.

Then, we move on to the later part of his blog, where he really raises eyebrows and promises news in his next blog:

“…the next blog I write is going to be very different than anything I’ve ever written before. I considered writing it now, but I wanted to give it some time so I can really think about what it is I’m saying and what the best way to say it is. It’s kind of a good news/bad news blog in a sense, although I prefer to see it as a very good thing and a positive step in my life. I’d explain further but the only way to do that would be to just write the blog now and I’m not going to do that.”


Does this not sound like a massive weight is going to be lifted off of his shoulders? I can think of an announcement that some dudes make which makes them feel great to finally get off their chest, but it also usually results in their father never speaking to them again. Come to think of it…..Daniel has been known to really praise Patrik Antonius…..to the point where people present become uncomfortable. There are also numerous sources stating that Negreanu is a vegetarian (one of the more telltale signs). AAAAANNNDDDD……..we have also heard rumblings that he’s married, but we have heard nary a mention of this “wife” of his. Add all this to the fact that he’s been known to listen to “relaxing sounds, like ocean waves” at the poker table, and you end up with absolutely no need to read his next blog, as you already know what the gist of it will be. It’s not that far from Vegas to San Fran, is it?

Play with Daniel at PokerStars.com - Canadian Poker

September 16th, 2007

Daniel Negreanu becoming a Canadian Bad Boy of Poker? Well just on Poker Stars and on his Full Contact forum. What a tough guy. daniel negreanu

Daniel has been dipping into the high stakes cash games on PokerStars. So far he hasn’t been to impressed with the level of competition. Well, read for yourself what KidPoker had to say: here are some Negreanu’s posts from Full Contact Poker

Not saying this to be mean at all, but are you serious??? I felt like he was one of the weakest heads up players I’ve ever faced and don’t see how he could ever beat a good player heads up. I’m starting to wonder how good all of these online superstars really are because the ones that seem to be touted as excellent, play in such a way that I find easily exploitable.

I’m sitting, waiting for whoever, but my confidence is growing after playing some of these guys and leaving thoroughly unimpressed overall.

And here is another post, keep in mind that he has only been playing the 100/200 NL for a few days on Stars now.

There is a lot of hype surrounding the online players and I think I may have bought into it a little bit myself. A lot of them are excellent players I’m sure, but I genuinely believe after talking to several, and playing with them from time to time, that there is stuff I know that most of them don’t.

Compared to playing live poker, I absolutely suck online. Having said that, I believe I’d easily be a winning online player playing 100-200 NL. My “horrible” online play is still better than most, especially heads up.

Oh and Bob? My worst game is NOT limit hold’em! Are you insane? Just because you used to call me down with Ace hi and win all the time doesn’t mean I suck. I lost to Patrick in a realitively small sample playing limit hold’em because A) he was very good, he was more comfortable online, and C) He ran insanely lucky!

I’ve never lost money online playing NLH. Actually, the only real money I’ve lost online has been in PLO and limit hold’em vs a great player in Patrick Antonius. This 100-200 NL game, from what I’ve seen, isn’t very tough at all.

As for my perception of ADZ, I played 250 hands vs him and his strategy heads up vs me was horrendous. Maybe he is good and doesn’t match up well with me, or maybe he was “feeling me out,” but either way, if he plays that way against on a regular basis without completely changing his approach he has no chance whatsoever.