October 21st, 2007

With poker players making millions from the increase of fish and endorsements each year theyhigh stakes golf can easily afford to make crazy expensive prop bets. ESPN came up with an idea to host a High Stakes Golf Tournament where each team of three poker players had to put up $3 million to compete in the tournaments.

The tournament took place a few months ago but will finally be aired tonight on ESPN. The tournament will host 2 events, the first one being a 3 person scramble competing for $9 million. The teams include of Phil Hellmuth, Billy Walters and Russ Hamilton. The next team is the old timers, Dewey Tomko, Vince Van Patten and Doyle Brunson. The last team that will be competing is Canada poker player Daniel Negreanu, Josh Arieh and Erick Lindgren.

The second event will be the $250,000 buy-in best ball tournament with 2 players per team. Every player noted above took place allong with Phil Ivey and David Oppenheim and others.

The show will air at 12 PM eastern on ESPN.

October 11th, 2007

The incredibly hot blond Sabina Gadecki was let go before Season VI of the World Poker Toursabina gadecki began, only to be placed by new hottie, Layla Kayleigh. Sabina only lasted one season with the WPT and was let go for ‘not fitting in’ Hey Sabina, if you are looking for a low playing job we would be more then happy to hire you ;) The WPT seems to be very picky with their choice of ladies, maybe they got going on what Bob Barker had with the Barker Beauties on the Price is Right.

After hiring Layla Kayleigh she became the forth World Poker Tour Babe. She has been doing a great job of living up to the Shana Hiatt expectation. Shana is the smoking hot girl next door that even appeared in Playboy Magazine. She has been highly missed by many WPT fans and there were a lot of complaints when they let Shana go. Check out our dedicated Shana Hiatt bio and pic page.

So what is Sabina Gadecki doing now after getting the boot from the WPT boys? Well according to the video below she is working out for youtube videos with Bryan Winston. We even checked out Sabina’s blog to only be disappointed. However, there can be good news coming out of this, since her career is falling faster then the Maimi Dolphins record, she is more likely to enter the porn industry. All we can say about that, is we would support your decision Sabina!

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September 30th, 2007

justin smithOther people are getting dragged into this controversy, after Justin brilliantly scammed Micon for $12k. If you haven’t read the story please visit our condensed version, Of “Give me 12k, and I’ll give you 100k tomorrow

Justin has been in contact with Justin’s “bizmanager”. We still have no idea, if this is Justin pretending to be someone else. Anyways, here is what has happened in the last couple days. You can find complete posts and more details at Neverwinpoker.com

  • Justin is very upset and starts threating to sue Bryan Micon and “crash” NWP, because of certain members posts on NWP. Probably, the Fake wanted FBI page and most likely the fake youtube video that claims that Justin Smith is a pedophile.
  • Information of Justin and his where abouts keep coming up on NWP’s forum. His addresses, court records, parents names and even his ID has been posted online. Justin is continues to threaten Micon saying if his Dad gets brought in, “will be the end of you bro, you dont even know.”
  • Thursday evening an anonymous person drops off an envelope at 2am at Melissa’s house. Some Vegas hoochie that could potentially be a transsexual with dish plate nipples. At this point she might be connected with Justin in some way.
  • The potential transsexual writes a post on her MySpace saying that she is innocent and Justin owes her a lot more money then 9.5k.
  • Some Patricia and Michael guy get dragged into the mix of things and this is when BizManager blows up on NWP
  • He starts trying to be witty and saying that “You are just as much a liar as anyone else that you’ve blamed on this board. You know that Patsy Arton & Erik Michael are innocents.” Apparently, Micon had promised that when BizManager handed $1500 in cash to Micon that he would take down info about Patrica(Patsy) and Michael. Micon posts that he was going to think about it at the time.
  • Then a few posts later he says he just spoke with Detective Madrid from Las Vegas Metropolitan Police indicating that Bryan Micon has committed several criminal acts that include, conspiracy, indemnity theft, defamation of character, and fraudulent accusation of sexual molestation.
  • Sunday September 30th. Members have plans to post pictures of Justin’s parents house after finding the address. But it turns out that its Justin’s grand parents and supposedly a member talked to his Grandmother. She said that Justin is in LA right now and he called her yesterday. She also wasn’t surprised that Justin is in trouble, “it’s cost us a lot of money …. it’s cost his father a lot of money ….he’s been in a lot of trouble over the years …… nothing more we can do about him…..

Thats it for now, read complete details and posts at NeverwinPoker.com

September 29th, 2007

Matt Giannetti just finished up a prop bet where he had to stay in Sean Mccabea pool for 12 hours. During the last few minutes of the bet Sean McCabe and Mark Seif were creating a new prop bet that would be a lot more difficult. The bet is that Sean McCabe could stay shoulder deep in the Atlantic Ocean for 24 hours without food. Now think of this, cold water, waves, sharks, and salt in the mouth for 24 hours straight!

It took some battling to get both McCabe and Seif to agree on a $100k. At first Seif only wanted to bet $50k, but McCabe insisted that he would only attempt this crazy prop bet for a minimum of $100k. With both guys being sick degenerates they finally agreed on $100k.

With no other knowledge, one would assume that Seif has a huge edge in this bet. The missing information which favors McCabe is that, he is a certified rescue diver and his experience of putting long hours in playing live tournament poker, this will certainly help him deal with the boredom he will endure.

There are 3 main conditions in this prop bet, Sean McCabe has to enter the water no later then 2:00pm. Seif felt this was the optimal time for harsh conditions. McCabe must stand in shoulder deep water the entire 24 hours. McCabe is only allowed to drink cold fresh water, which will be brought to him on his request. A doctor will be on hand to protect the safety of McCabe. He will use his own discretion on his safety, if he gets pulled out for any medical reason he will lose the bet.

As if this bet was not crazy enough as it stood, these two decided to spice it up even further. Seif has been given the option to alter the state of the Ocean if he gives 2 to 1 odds. This could be a big advantage to Seif, as you’d expect if he exercised this option he would chum the ocean with blood and fish guts in an attempt to attract Sharks and other sea monsters.The WPT and Cardplayer will provide live updates on the bet. Click here to visit WPT for more updates and details about this bet.


WPT reported BJ Nemeth just recently spoke to Sean McCabe and it looks like the bet may have sunk. Mark Seif and the other people involved are having 2nd thoughts about placing the bet. According to McCabe its not about the money, its about the safety of himself and no one wanted to feel responsible if McCabe got hurt.

McCabe is still trying to keep the bet alive, he is looking for anyone or a group to put up a total of $100k for 1-1 odds.

September 29th, 2007

bryan micon

As you’ve probably already heard, Bryan Micon was scammed in one of the most elaborate, detailed schemes in history. While we could probably end the article right there and you would be sufficiently entertained, here is a brief timeline to the incident(s).

August 21-25: Micon hangs out with a reported Justin Smith at the Red Rock Casino in Vegas, along with O-town bad boy Erik Estrada. Smith proceeds to put on the “big shot” act, dropping cash and generally trying to impress. He shows Micon his Escalade, and he buys into every little bit of his stories. Smith comes across as a true baller, and no one around seems to be disputing it.

August 27: Smith feeds Micon with some bullshit story of how he’s waiting for money to be wired to him, and asks to borrow $5,000 with promises to pay back $20,000 within 24 hours. Micon can’t get his wallet out fast enough, figuring this is a foolproof way to make a quick buck. They go out, throw around the “borrowed” money at strippers and bartenders, and basically make Micon feel like he has a friend. They even have a sleepover.

August 28: Justin calls Micon, explaining that he’s having difficulties with his bank wire and needs a few more bucks. This time, he asks for $7,000 and promises a cool $100K in return (also within 24 hours). Now I know what you’re thinking, and that’s the fact that the first 24 hours is almost up. I guess Micon figures the $100K is good enough, and disregards the first $20,000 he was promised. Not only does Micon lend the $7,000, he borrows money from a friend to lend to Smith. We’re not even sure how to make fun of this, the story is dumb enough as it is.

August 29: Justin takes one more kick at the can, and says he needs $10,000 more, and in exchange, promises a return of $1,000,000 to Micon. The light of knowledge proceeds to shine itself upon Micon, and he realizes that there is a chance he could be getting scammed. Good thing he’s a quick one, or he’d still be handing out wads. Panicking, Micon records a meeting of Smith apparently begging for more money, and Micon tells him that maybe he can get it for him.

August 30-September 22: Smith tells Micon how he knows Paris Hilton, and they can go to her BBQ. A whole bunch of other bullshit is spewed, and Micon’s skepticism finally makes an appearance.

September 25: Apparently Micon has re-acquired $1,000 of his money, as he was sent it via Moneygram from Justin’s “Business Manager”.

Oh well, let’s all hope he just chalks this up to an $11,000 hard lesson. I’m not sure what else you can call it……

To hear this from the horse’s mouth, visit Neverwinpoker.com

September 27th, 2007

The boys over at Wicked Chops have a great article up about ‘Saving Bodog.com, One Naked Girl at a Time‘ This made us laugh pretty good here at BIP and its definitely worth a read. Basically, Calvin is up to his old marketing tricks and has launched savebodog.com, in effort to retrieve his original domain. The Bodog guys are awesome, here are a few quotes from savebodog.com satire campaign blog.


“All over the world Bodog Girls are staging public protests to speak out against their stolen URL.
“It’s like, without bodoggirls.com I feel totally naked” moaned one of the stunning protesters. “Before all of this, I always felt safe behind our URL. Now it’s been stolen and locked away by some slimy rat bastard lawyer. Do you know how exposed that makes us feel? That’s why we’ve organized this naked protest. We want the world to see what we’re going through.”
Follow the Bodog Girls’ brave example and let us know how this act of tech-terrorism has affected you

A URL hangs in the balance as millions of Bodog Players wander the streets lost and alone.
Newbodog.com is supporting all of Bodog’s traffic but many players are still feeling distraught. Countless individuals have reported feeling like they’ve lost a piece of themselves. Many have fallen into a deep depression from which they fear they may never recover.
In response to this wave of sadness, support groups have sprung up all over the world. If you’re one of those affected, don’t suffer alone. Find a group in your town today

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September 20th, 2007

pamela andersonNumerous sources have stated that Pamela Anderson is at it again. Never one to shy away from the spotlight, the Canadian bombshell has involved herself in the true underbelly of the poker world. During a recent appearance on “Ellen”, she admitted to having a relationship of sorts with a professional poker player.

Says Pam: “I was playing poker one night in my room and I was down about $250,000. He said if I made out with him I could clear the debt thing. So I ended up paying off my poker debt. And then I fell in love and now we’re engaged.”

Speculation across the internet has been running rampant on who this lucky (?) poker pro might be, with guesses ranging from “The Magician” Antonio Esfandiari all the way to Paris Hilton co-star Rick Soloman (the guy screwing Hilton in that porn you probably already downloaded).

We at BabesInPoker have never understood why some of the population calls Pammy a whore. I mean, she only “made out” with him, right? Well….made out with him for money…..with some people even calling her debt payment “sexual favors”, which leads us to believe that kissing wasn’t the only thing involved. Who clears a debt of a quarter million dollars with kisses?

You’d think Pam would have learned her lesson in staying out of the poker spotlight. As you may have heard, she at one point had her own online poker room affiliated with Doyle Brunson’s room called PamelaPoker.com, which has recently gone…..bust (would “tits up” have been a better pun?). During a roast of Doyle, she had been insulted numerous times with cracks about how she does a better job playing under the table than at it which led to her storming out. While that story provided a temporary spike in traffic at her room, it couldn’t avoid the inevitable demise of PamelaPoker.com. Much like her inevitable public admission of her working girl prices.

September 20th, 2007

At a recent event at the Commerce Casino in Los Angeles, California, Jose Canseco played in somewhat of an exclusive poker tournament. While this ordinarily wouldn’t make any kind of news, no matter how big of a steroid supporter you are (is that you, Barry?), the type of poker tournament is what makes this newsworthy. You see, Jose saw it fit to enter a “Ladies Only” event, which one would assume means hjose cansecois testicles have now receded inside his body and he now experiences identity confusion. While I’m sure a case could be made that his body does not, in fact, produce levels of testosterone comparable to your average male, this is a very awkward stage in which to announce your impending sex change.

While he wasn’t the only ovarian-challenged player involved (five other idiots tried to increase the sausage content of the party), he certainly was the first to bust out. This is excellent news for everyone, because everyone unequivocally hates Canseco, whether you know it or not. Whether it is because he wrote a book snitching on baseball’s steroid problem (which probably has some truth to it, but was obviously just a cash grab), he auctioned off the opportunity to have a BBQ dinner with him at his house, or that he has numerous accusations against him for domestic abuse, you hate him. Admit it freely, we do.

This is not to say Jose does not make the world a better place. While we think he is a total dumbass, he has provided us with two great memories. The first one, Jose managed to convince his manager to let him pitch the eighth inning in a blowout loss to Boston in 1993. During this sorry attempt, he injured his arm, and had to undergo season ending surgery. While this is comical enough, it pales in comparison to what had happened just a few days earlier. In a game against Cleveland, he was tracking a fly ball back towards the wall, which proceeded to bounce off his head and over the fence for a home run. This Week In Baseball proceeded to call this the greatest blooper in the show’s 21 year existence, and even led to the Harrisburg Heat of the now-defunct National Professional Soccer League to offer him a contract. Losing to a bunch of women at a poker table must be a walk in the park after enduring this.

September 15th, 2007
September 14th, 2007

The World Poker Tour is doing a great job with hiring hot chicks to present their product and doing what spokes models are suppose to do. I think its pretty self-explanatory how good the WPT guys are at finding chicks with the video below. Here is Kimberly Lansing online WPT hostess and brand new Layla Kayleigh season 6 WPT hostess doing a nice little video for their fans. Layla talks about the wrap up of the Legends of Poker event while sitting on Kimberly’s lap. This is something all of us can get use to.

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