We thought we’d seen it all. On gushansentv.com, the Danish poker professional is seen playing heads-up poker Omaha against Durrr. Now that’s not really a surprise, as we’ve seen that before - the whole purpose of gushansentv is to watch Gus play high stakes.
However, the last episode features a pretty drunk Hansen, playing like he normally does (”I flopped bottom pair and I have a gutshot, I should call”). At one point he folds AA4X pre-flop, a drunk misclick. In the background we hear the soundtrack of the Rocky Horror Picture Show. Great.
Then he gets a phonecall from someone he refers to as “Mister David Benyamine”. The converstation (well, monologue) goes something like this.
“I have something to tell you, I just flopped the nuts against Durrr. What, Erik123’s number, sure I have it, I know it by heart. It’s 1234, no wait, I can’t remember. I have bottom pair, I should call.”
Then he looks at his phone and gives the number + 46 (Sweden) 706123482. He actually tries to not say the number in public, but he’s too druk to succeed.
Being journalists as we are, we didn’t try to call Erik, and we’re sure the public won’t either.

Erik123 (Erik Sagstrom) was the first high stakes player to have a “Durrr” status. Onbeatable, brilliant, and hobbit-looking. Nowadays he’s more focussed on sports betting, however, he has just been spotted on the Full Tilt tables, dropping a few 100K to Ivey.
Rumors have it that Sagstrom is backing a few of the players on the high stakes table,  including -indeed- Mr B.

Gus finally has a moment of clarity and decides to stop the poker session. The question is: why was this aired?

Please don’t try and dial Erik’s number. That’s so, well, not done.