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Lynette Chan - Professional Poker Babe Birthday:
Birth Place: Vacouver, British Columbia, Canada
Raised in: Vancouver
Resides in: Los Angeles, California, USA. But tends to end up in Vegas playing poker a lot.
Marital Status: Dating
Where have I see her? Full Tilt Poker, Poker Tour, On World Poker Tour.

Lynette Chan is known as one of the most friendliest poker babes in the industry. She is a 100% Chinese, but people mistake her for being Vietnamese. Lynette Chan was born and raised in Vancouver and this is where her poker career started. She started playing 2/4 and 3/6 poker and maintained a healthy bankroll and took a few shots at bigger games. She kept progressing and now she is playing 100/200 and 10/20 No Limit at casinos and at Full Tilt Poker.

With a very busy schedule playing poker live, online and promoting Full Tilt Poker. Lynette Chan also manages to find time volunteering at the animal humane society. We have also included a picture of one of Lynette Chan's best friend, Portia. Portia is a 2.5 elegant dog. I'm not sure what breed the dog is but Portia is also a babe.

lynette chan lynette chan lynette chan

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