May 14th, 2008

The innovative high stakes poker cash game may have dealt its last hand in season 4. High Stakes Poker has not filmed a new season for 2008, which in previous years they already had filming done by May. Pokerati reports that there are most likely no plans to do a new season.

Here is what AJ Benza had to say about it:

Far as Gabe and I know….the show isnt coming back. Apparently…the network is going to go in a different direction and that aint good news for our show, especially since we skew a higher-aged audiuence. Never mind that we’re the network’s No. 1 show. Still and all, no one calls us from the network to say squat. Only Kevin Bellincoff checks in periodically, but it just don’t seem like good news. If you ask me…they’re treating us like shit. All we ever did was make them a bunch of money.

It will be interesting to get the official story from GSN. Who would have ever thought it would be a smart business move for any network to discontinue their highest rated show. Not that its saying much, there is only so many hours of Lingo one person can watch.

April 20th, 2008

Shortly after being outclassed by young Scandinavian poker players Daniel Negreanu agreed to do an interview for This interview resulted with Daniel turning violent, after the reporter failed to give him the “Phil Hellmuth”. This treatment is actually a theory that suggests all reporters should treat former young poker prodigies with respect even after they’ve passed there prime and even though they no longer win many tournaments.

Anyways, here is the video:

We have to say to Siktilt, next time you guys do a stunt like this run it by us first. Perhaps we can help you make it more believable. For example: that “Doyle Brunson told me you were a fucking asshole” was classic, but that should have come before the push. Then considering the reporter was much bigger, and most likely much tougher, than DN you guys should have had someone there to break up a fight. Other than that this was some great entertainment.

We can’t help but wonder the purpose for Negreanu doing such stunts. Yeah we can see might like the idea in order to push the new website but why would DN want to risk people thinking he actually is an asshole? Perhaps DN would rather be known as an asshole then as gay? The woman in the hotel room bed hardly went noticed, so now DN has to resort to pushing reporters in pools and talking about beating up woman. I guess that works?

We get the feeling this is a classic WWE like face to heel turn. Perhaps the 2008 WSOP event will end with Daniel smashing the champion over the head with a guitar and walking off with the gold bracelet. Lets just hope a good guy wins the event because DN is not ready yet for a Heel vs Heel battle until he destroys a few good guys first.

In whatever case, thanks for feeding us degenerates shit to report on.

April 14th, 2008

Popular online poker player Daniel Negreanu has made poker headlines once again for his late night / early morning sleep deprived poker ramblings. He recently made an entry on his poker blog tilted, eating brains. This post was more creepy than the usual “I might be gay” DN entry, as it also included the following statement:

“I’m in that killer mindset, like I literally want to eat people’s brains. Just literally rip their brains to shreds after an appetizer of ripping their hearts out of their chests, taking a big bite out of them, and then spitting the blood back in their faces.”

Could Daniel Negreanu possibility be a member of the Zombie Group that George Bush has been warning about? Watch the video below and decide for yourself.

January 8th, 2008

jimmy frickeBack in late November we made a post about Jimmy Fricke emailing Full Tilt Poker for a sponsorship. You can find the story/post here. Anyways, after he wrote an email to Full Tilt, he was responded with a automated no thank you. However, the Full Tilt rep accidentally forwarded the response from Howard Lederer. This JD asked Howard what his thoughts were on this Fricke guy. Howard called Fricke a “freak” and “very weird dude”. Yeah, we are thinking exactly what you are thinking right now, who the fuck does Howard Lederer think he is? (Obviously someone who can’t play outside the box. - Phil Hellmuth)

Back to the story, Fricke was back playing in the Aussie Millions after he took second place in the Main Event the year before. He ended up winning a preliminarily event and took home close to $15k. The event was a $550 Limit 7 Card Stud, 7 Card Stud Hi/lo and Razz. I bet Full Tilt could of received a lot of extra promotion since Fricke won another event, not to mention a large banner on his clothing…

January 4th, 2008

There were many rumors surrounding Josh Fields who is also know as ‘JJProdigy’ or ‘ablackcar’, that he may be playing in the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure events. However, PokerStars had its own angle to deal multi-user Josh Fields. PokerStars is taking on a new notion on banning players from partakHot Chicking in live events if they are banned from the PokerStars website. Josh Fields was banned on PokerStars and Party Poker back in early 2006 when he was found cheating. He also had over $180,000 confiscated.

This all got stirred up again last week when Josh Fields issued an apology on and can be viewed here. Here are a few quotes from his post: “I was fourteen turning fifteen, and I was much too immature to handle the situation (ABlackCar incident, and the underage violations that followed). I am almost embarrassed reading my posts about the situation, but I realize that I was still very young at the time.”
After all that happened, I was banned from PokerStars and PartyPoker, and all my accounts were closed for being underage. .”

I finally realize now that I was cheating completely. I neglected my fellow poker players and cheated a wonderful thing we have with online poker. I betrayed a community I cared so much about all for selfish reasons. It shames me to think about it. I did it for so long, and I never had the courage to quit and admit what I was doing was wrong.”

So, I write this to officially apologize to the community. I apologize to the people that have been close to me and have been given a negative name due to my actions. I apologize to all the players I played with under unknown names and gave myself an unfair advantage. I give my word that I will never multi-account again, and I will not play online until I am 18. I apologize to the sites that I unfairly took advantage of. I don’t expect to be forgiven right away, but I hope I can earn the forgiveness of the community, the sites, and even my friends.”

We kinda feel for the kid since he was quite young when he pulled this shit off. However, it seems quite convenient that he is apologizing now, 2 weeks before he turns 18? Something tells us that Josh has something cooking… Well anyways, we won’t see him at this years Pokerstars Caribbean Adventure.

This all started in 2006, when user name ‘ablackcar’ won the $500,000 GTD on Party Poker and took home $140k. Within an hour after he won, an on the ball poster at Pocketfives forum realized that ‘ablackcar’ and ‘JJProdigy’ has striking similarities. It escalated from there, and before you know it, both accounts were froze by Party Poker and Josh Fields was guilty of multi-accounting and cheating. PokerStars did there own investigation and concluded that he was in fact cheating there.

If Josh Fields was killing tournaments when he was 14, he must possess some serious poker skills. We guarantee we have not heard the last of the infamous Josh Fields.




December 31st, 2007

Marianela PereyraThis isn’t the first time that Shana Hiatt has been punted from a Poker Show. Shana was on the host for the first 3 World Poker Tours, when people actually watched the WPT. In 2005, the WPT gave her a foam finger and hired Courtney Friel. Hiatt hosted the first two seasons of NBC’s Poker After Dark and is now being replaced by Argentina babe Marianela Pereyra.

Marianela Pereyra (pic on the left) moved to the United States when she was five and was discovered for being a great dancer. One thing lead to another and she was discovered and started working for MHz shows. This 27 year old poker babe will be hosting season 3 of Poker After Dark which begins Monday, December 30th. This isn’t her first poker tv experience. Marianela worked for the 07′ World Series of Poker PPV on ESPN.

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December 31st, 2007

This video is just way to funny not to share with the BIP readers. The video is taken from the 2007 World Series of Poker Prop Bets show. It features Daniel Negreanu, Erick Lindgren, Bill Gazes and some other guy. The video is absolutely hilarious and definitely worth watching.

December 4th, 2007

Price is Right host Drew Carey is sitting at a poker table and gives a personal report on the recent semi SWAT raid at the poker games hosted at Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 1837. According to Drew and others, this poker game has been benefiting charity for years by taking a rake from the pots. Well its obvious Carey needs to talk about something more serious, this is why he is a regular contributed to

Here is a video of what the former Marine, if you can believe it, has to deal with on a daily basis.

December 2nd, 2007

Liz LieuAsian poker babe diva Liz Lieu wrapped up the Asian Pacific Poker Tour events in Macau with back to back cashes and final table appearances. She cashed in $32,384 for her 7th place prize for the PokerStars sponsored $2,500 buy-in 3 day event. After that Liz played in the APPT $15k High Rollers tournament and landed 8th against an allstar 64 player field. She scooped up a prize worth $27,648.

Liz Lieu is commonly referred to as the best woman poker babe who has yet to win a WSOP bracelet. She is still a very young poker player who was born in the year 1974, in Vietnam. More importantly she is a total babe and you can see more pictures like the one on the left by visiting our Liz Lieu pics + bio page. Currently Liz is promoting a poker room called Chili Poker. So not only will you see Liz Lieu tearing up the tournament poker room you can watch her get owed by high limit poker players on the iPoker network. Liz Lieu’s screen name is LizLieu.

The Asian Pacific Poker Tour (APPT) is a brand new circuit that is ran by the EPT. The APT first ever tournament series began at the Hyatt Hotel in Casino Manila in late August 07. From there the APT has visited South Korea, Australia and now has finished off the inaugural year in Macau, China.

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November 25th, 2007

jimm frickeWith this title you are probably assuming this article has something to do with Greg Raymer. Unfortunately this isn’t the case, but it involves two other players with similar attributes.

Gobboboy is a dedicated 2+2 poster who has racked up over 4,800 posts since joining 2+2 forums in late 2006. Although all this excerise has yet to pay off. Gobboboy’s real name is Jimmy Fricke, who is only known for a 2nd place prize in the 2007 Aussie Millions main event, which landed him $800,000. After this impressive donkament place and some TV time, Fricke deserves some love right. Well, not according to Howard Lederer.

Here is an email Jimmy Fricke sent Full Tilt Poker:

Hi, I’m Jimmy Fricke, and I took 2nd in the Aussie Millions tournament last year and received a large amount of television coverage. I’m coming back for all the tournaments this year, and was curious if Full Tilt would be interested in sponsoring me in some of the events or maybe the main event in exchange for wearing full tilt gear and maybe some other things. I’m unaffiliated with all sites right now and I have a bunch of friends coming to the tournament who are strong online tournament players who also have no affiliation. Let me know if you’re interested in doing business.
Take care,

Ok, seems like a reasonable request, might as well milk everything you can for winning a tournament. This could be something Jerry Yang could learn. Hours later Fricke was nicely declined by the Full Tilt Staff, which read:

howard ledererThank you for your interest in becoming a member of Full Tilt Poker.
Unfortunately FTP does not take open solicitations from players wishing to
join the team. It is an invite only process that does not have set
standards or qualifications. In the future, if we are interested in
adding you as a FTP representative we will contact you directly. We wish
you the best of luck and we hope to see you at a final table soon.


I’m sure Fricke thought it might be somewhat of a long shot of Full Tilt sponsoring him, since he is only 18. After Fricke accepted that he wasn’t going to be apart of the Full Tilt Team, he found out that he was only being slow rolled by this JD guy. JD accidentally forwarded Howard Lederer’s thoughts on hooking up Fricke, which read:

The guy’s a freak and a very weird dude. He is also quite young. I think we should stay away.

howard lederer saladOuch, eh? Getting by owned by Howard Lederer is like getting made fun of by your own mother, it just shouldn’t happen. Well to conclude this awkward event, Howard sent Fricke an apology via email and asked Fricke not to post it anywhere. Kudos to Gobby for having the balls to make this public.

To read the infamous thread visit 2+2Full Tilt Poker Review

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