September 26th, 2007

The World Poker Tour event in Turks and Caicos had an interesting start, well actually it didn’t start for all players who were suppose to be playing on Day 1A. The organizers realized they had much more space and tables to work with at Club Med Casino. So everyone player started playing today. Something tells us there wasn’t many complaints considering players get an extra day to chill out on the beach and order girly slushy drinks. Kimberly Langsing

It was originally estimated that about 170 players would turn out for Day 1, however, there was under 125 players who bought into the $7,700 event. This has created a few problems for the WPT guys, the event had a guaranteed prize pool of $1 million. According to the WPT website, “The official prizepool information won’t be released for quite some time, but as soon as we have word, we’ll let you know.” and “With the total prizepool yet to reach that [170] number, there might be some changes to even out the prize money distribution a bit.

There are many big name TV players playing in this event. Currently Mark Seif is leading the way with a 91,225 chip stack, which is 11,000 more then Maros Lechman, who is in second place. Other known faces in the event is Michael Mizrachi (4th), Gavin Smith (8th), Evelyn Ng (9th), Haralabos Voulgaris (17th) and Mike Matusow is kicking it in 34th.

You can also find some great bikini videos of Kimberly Lansing who is vloging the entire event. Kimberly is one hot poker babe. - kimberly’s WPT vlogs - Click here for Live updates

September 26th, 2007

The European Poker Tour London Day 1A has wrapped up today and Moneymaker is one of Chris Monemakerthe chip leaders. Readers might be surprised that Moneymaker still plays poker, since winning the WSOP Main Event in 2003, Moneymaker hasn’t even reported a PokerStars 10 man sit-n-go win. Well, maybe he has, but really, this guy has done nothing except made a couple early exits on Poker After Dark.

Moneymaker has a chance to show up critics in London, he came out of Day 1A with an impressive chip stack. He’s 3rd in chips behind Nicolas Levi and Daniel Mangas. Other noted players left are Dave Ulliot, Gary Jones and Irish Open champ Marty Smyth. A mediocre hot poker babe Vicky Coren showed up only to be shown the door in the early stages.

Day 1B kicks off tomorrow and there are 200 people registered so far. The prize pool for the tournament will be pushing the $4 million mark. Which could potentially put the 1st place prize close to $1 Million.

September 24th, 2007

poker babes

No updates to report on the potential Shawn Sheikhan deportation. A lot of poker players have questioned whether the 1995 charges were of the, ‘you mean your not 18′ or of a child abuse nature. The good news for Shawn is that he was not spotted at K-Mart this past week. Michael Jackson and several other known child molesters had heard on the radio that Kids’ pants were half-off. Anyways, here is a video of Shawn whining like a little girl, – Video YouTube

There was a monster pot at the Million Dollar Cash Game, which has set a new record for Television. Patrik Antonius lost a $806K pot to Phil Ivey. This beats the High Stakes Poker original record by about $100,000. You know, the one where Daniel Negreanu’s boat lost to Gus Hansen’s Quads. [video here]

There was a lot of talk about the hand between Patrik and Ivey. It got played out different because of the prop bets on the side. BankrollBoost covered it well, also noticed a funny Brandi Hawbaker post on there site which can be found here

Daniel Negreanu is back doing his infamous video blog. His latest one he talks about what he thought of Barcelona where the WSOP Europe took place and his opinion on man boobs. If you can stick out through the entire 12 minutes and some of his annoying dogs barking, you will get to hear him speak highly of Annette Obrestad, and some hand analysis on Poker After Dark. Video found at RawVegas

Bryan Micon gives himself a foam finger by getting scammed by a dude going by the name ‘Justin Smith’. Micon lent this guy $12k, after just knowing him for a few days. Even Micon recognizes how dumb this really was and he is now offering a $2k reward if you can help him get his money back. More info at

September 20th, 2007

shawn shiekanThe ever so annoying poker player Shawn Sheikhan faces deportation charges. Immigration officials arrested Sheikhan at his home in Las Vegas, on August 30th. He was held for over a week at the North Las Vegas Detention Center before he was released on a $10k bond. According to Las Vegas Review Journal

The whole dispute is over a 1995 R. Kelly misdemeanor conviction in California. “Sheikhan was targeted for ICE arrest because of his criminal history,” Virginia Kice, a spokeswoman for U.S. Immigration/Customs Enforcement. “ICE has an ongoing initiative called Operation Predator targeting individuals, including foreign nationals, who prey upon and sexually exploit children.”

Kice believes that the conviction is a deportable offense, but will likely be up to an immigration judge.

“We want to see him removed from the United States,” Kice said.

Of course Sheikhan and his lawyer will do everything in their power to keep Sheikhan in the US. Shiekhan owns six local tattoo shops and is a professional poker player. He has been a US resident since 83 and is married to a US citizen hand has a 9 year old girl.

WTF is happening here, how does it take 12 years to give someone the boot? Fuck, we think Shieky is annoying and a whiner as much as the next guy does, but he has been an American citizen for over 12 years and already served a prison sentence for his crime. But hey, what the hell do we know about the US gov.

Stay tuned for more on this one…

September 20th, 2007

Someone gave Phil Hellmuth a nice little shiner a few days back. According to Hellmuth’s website he currently has no comment on the issue. Knowing that Phil has a black belt, it will be interesting if we get to see what the other guy looked like after the altercation. We’ll definitely keep you updated on this one, for now here is a youtube video showing Phil’s new crooked nose.

We just hope Miss USA didn’t do this to Hellmuth after he started touching her, at the end of the video.

Phil and Miss USA video:

September 20th, 2007

Mark Seif made a statement in his blog regarding his superuser account allegations.mark seif Here is what he had to say about it:

“i was just made aware of these serious allegations this morning while playing at the wpt event at the borgata, where i am presently. while i have not had a chance to investigate this matter, i can tell you and anyone else who believes or for whatever reason has stated that i am somehow involved in this matter, unequivocally, i do not now, nor have i ever, had the ability to see hole cards on any poker site i have ever played at including absolute poker.

i doubt my results would be what they are if i had the ability to see my opponents’ hole cards. in fact, i am almost certainly the biggest all-time loser on the site and have been crushed in the big games for a long, very long time. if anything, i would very much like this matter thoroughly investigated so that we can all find out what has happened, and if appropriate, to take swift remedial action such as seizing funds and returning them to the players cheated, including myself, if in fact, ap’s security protections have been compromised.

September 20th, 2007

pamela andersonNumerous sources have stated that Pamela Anderson is at it again. Never one to shy away from the spotlight, the Canadian bombshell has involved herself in the true underbelly of the poker world. During a recent appearance on “Ellen”, she admitted to having a relationship of sorts with a professional poker player.

Says Pam: “I was playing poker one night in my room and I was down about $250,000. He said if I made out with him I could clear the debt thing. So I ended up paying off my poker debt. And then I fell in love and now we’re engaged.”

Speculation across the internet has been running rampant on who this lucky (?) poker pro might be, with guesses ranging from “The Magician” Antonio Esfandiari all the way to Paris Hilton co-star Rick Soloman (the guy screwing Hilton in that porn you probably already downloaded).

We at BabesInPoker have never understood why some of the population calls Pammy a whore. I mean, she only “made out” with him, right? Well….made out with him for money…..with some people even calling her debt payment “sexual favors”, which leads us to believe that kissing wasn’t the only thing involved. Who clears a debt of a quarter million dollars with kisses?

You’d think Pam would have learned her lesson in staying out of the poker spotlight. As you may have heard, she at one point had her own online poker room affiliated with Doyle Brunson’s room called, which has recently gone…..bust (would “tits up” have been a better pun?). During a roast of Doyle, she had been insulted numerous times with cracks about how she does a better job playing under the table than at it which led to her storming out. While that story provided a temporary spike in traffic at her room, it couldn’t avoid the inevitable demise of Much like her inevitable public admission of her working girl prices.

September 20th, 2007

At a recent event at the Commerce Casino in Los Angeles, California, Jose Canseco played in somewhat of an exclusive poker tournament. While this ordinarily wouldn’t make any kind of news, no matter how big of a steroid supporter you are (is that you, Barry?), the type of poker tournament is what makes this newsworthy. You see, Jose saw it fit to enter a “Ladies Only” event, which one would assume means hjose cansecois testicles have now receded inside his body and he now experiences identity confusion. While I’m sure a case could be made that his body does not, in fact, produce levels of testosterone comparable to your average male, this is a very awkward stage in which to announce your impending sex change.

While he wasn’t the only ovarian-challenged player involved (five other idiots tried to increase the sausage content of the party), he certainly was the first to bust out. This is excellent news for everyone, because everyone unequivocally hates Canseco, whether you know it or not. Whether it is because he wrote a book snitching on baseball’s steroid problem (which probably has some truth to it, but was obviously just a cash grab), he auctioned off the opportunity to have a BBQ dinner with him at his house, or that he has numerous accusations against him for domestic abuse, you hate him. Admit it freely, we do.

This is not to say Jose does not make the world a better place. While we think he is a total dumbass, he has provided us with two great memories. The first one, Jose managed to convince his manager to let him pitch the eighth inning in a blowout loss to Boston in 1993. During this sorry attempt, he injured his arm, and had to undergo season ending surgery. While this is comical enough, it pales in comparison to what had happened just a few days earlier. In a game against Cleveland, he was tracking a fly ball back towards the wall, which proceeded to bounce off his head and over the fence for a home run. This Week In Baseball proceeded to call this the greatest blooper in the show’s 21 year existence, and even led to the Harrisburg Heat of the now-defunct National Professional Soccer League to offer him a contract. Losing to a bunch of women at a poker table must be a walk in the park after enduring this.

September 19th, 2007

There was some weak controversy during the WCOOP event #6, when Greg Raymer and O.Mustang were playing heads up. It got interesting when the final table started and Fossilman was disconnected for around 20 minutes. Although, this is just enough time to call Mark Seif and ask for the superuser account password…. but this is just a story of a player being out matched.pokerstars crybaby

When the heads up play started the “controversy” began. Raymer started making some big time calls on the river which totally flabbergasted O.Mustang.

“do they tell u what I have,” O.Mustang asked in the chat window, he is more then likely referring to Raymer’s sponsorship deal with PokerStars.

PokerStars immediately intervened into the chat and explained that, “No one can see anyones hole cards during the hands”

However, this did not stop O.Mustang from complaining constantly about the tournament being rigged. About 5 minutes later, O.Mustang then asked if he would like to chop with Raymer. The Fossilman knew O.Mustang was tilting and replied, “Not especially.”

O.Mustang made himself look like a fool, with his constant complaining. Fuck dude, you made it through a 772 field in an Omaha Rebuy tournament. You should be on your knees thanking the poker gods for letting you win hundreds of flipaments throughout the donkament. Apparently the “online poker is rigged” excuse isn’t going cease anytime soon. In the mean time we have made a new avatar for O.Mustang

o.mustang avatar

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September 19th, 2007

bodog girlsBodog is a popular online sportsbook and poker room, who has just changed their domain name for the second time in one month. Bodog lost their domain in a suit related to patent infringement and temporarily had to move their site to Today Bodog announced its new permanent domain name, In our opinion this is a genius move by Calvin Ayre, the founder of Bodog, as a better suited domain would be hard to find.

Calvin, who is known for an extravagant playboy lifestyle, has verbalized many times that he is Bodog. This is a man who is all about High stakes, Big Risks, Hot Women, Killer parties, Fights, Having Fun and much more. I don’t know about you, but we at Babes in Poker enjoy living and admire the Bodog Life more than anyone. – Now that’s something I want to be a part of.

Calvin had this to say in his official statement:bodog girls

“Hey, the world changes, and if you don’t change with it, you get left behind. We’ve been leading the good times for a long time, and nobody will leave us behind,” said Calvin Ayre, Bodog’s founder. “That said, although the Bodog address is changing the bottom line is: at Bodog, it’s business as usual. Same great site, just a new Web address.”

Power to you Calvin, We couldn’t agree more.

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